Brandywine Aussies

We have moved on! Our old kennel name “Dry Creek Australian Shepherds” is no more. That name was associated with our other farm from another life in a galaxy far, far away.

We are looking to breed dogs that herd, work, love, listen, and are easy on the eye. But to be honest, we are breeding dogs for ourselves!

We are a working farm and have cattle, chickens, hogs, etc. We do not tolerate dogs that harm livestock. We like to have show dogs that also herd and do obedience. A Show dog means the dog exhibits qualities of the AKC and/or ASCA BREED STANDARD.  Breeders who do not take the standard seriously end up breeding dogs that do not conform to what an Australian Shepherd is supposed to look like or act like. Those who breed for function, like herding, are breeding to hone the instincts and intelligence of the breed but must also stay within the bounds of the breed standard for size, color, and shape. All responsible breeders take this into consideration when selecting which dogs to mate and which puppies should have full or limited registration.

We love this breed and are happy you are interested!

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